Motorola GM 300


  • 16 Channel conversion. (for 8 channel radio’s only)
  • Quik-Call
  • MDC-1200 & DTMF signaling formats
  • Compact and Reliable
  • Time-out Timer feature


Base Station / Vehicle Radio

The Motorola GM300 can be re-programmed quite easily to allow use on our Amateur Radio bands. The radio is made in both a VHF and UHF versions, and makes an excellent 2mtr or 70cms mobile/base station radio. Most of the radio’s I have worked on have originally been 8 channel units. These can be modified to operate on 16 channels quite easily. The programming interface can be made for a low cost. All it consists of is a RS232 to TTL level converter that connects between the serial port of your PC and the radio’s microphone socket.