Steering Systems Diagram

A hydraulic steering system for pleasure boats and fishing boats offers high cruising quality and comfort with its sophisticated design and concept developed through many years of its evolution



Helm Pump:

An HM50 type pump, with its masculine black finish and a broad range of dischargeable amounts, offers a brisk and sharp steering feel enabled by the ultimate high efficiency piston pump.

Steering Cylinder:

Steering cylinders suitable for a variety of propelling methods for outboard vessels, inboard vessels, drive vessels, or water jet vessels are available.Offers excellent safety with highly robust and resilient construction to be able to withstand the harshest possible conditions.


The hemp pump, cylinder, steering, piping fixtures etc. required for installation come in the packaging case. Speedy air bleeding is possible with the use of the multiple feature stop valve on the helm port pump. And all you need to do with the high pressure hose for piping is cut it to the length appropriate to the vessel and mount the hose fittings around it. And stainless steel fittings are used on the cylinder to prevent corrosion.