Motorola GP328-Plus


  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Providing easy communication solutions
  • Clear communication
  • Advanced audio technology
  • LED battery gauge
  • Tight/Normal Squelch
  • Lithium Ion Battery Option
  • Switchable RF power level
  • Repeater or Talk around enable/disable


Motorola GP328 plus is non keypad tow way radio. It’s compact and light, fitting easily into the palm of your hand. Motorola GP328 packed with advanced technology ensuring uncompromising radio performance. Motorola’s Smallest Professional Radio. Compact & Versatile Easy To Use. These versatile robust machines offer creative solutions essentially where security of user is of utmost importance.

These are ideal for transporting money, floor-to-floor security checks, providing professional protection, conference call request etc.